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Fat Absorption Problems

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It looks like I may have some kind of issue with absorption of fats.   I had a high fasting glucose and decided to treat that with a low carb diet.   When I changed over to higher fats in diet, I started to lose weight rapidly and could not control the weight loss.   They are checking fat absorption now, but it all comes together for me that the weight loss and moving to higher fats have to be related events.


How common is this condition with Celiac?


Does anyone know of a doctor in the US who specializes in fat malabsorption issues?  I actually want to avoid carbs and want to find a way to work around this fat issue, possibly trying to figure out which fats I best absorb and focus on using those instead of the ones that cause me problems.    It would be really good to work with a doctor that specializes in these kinds of issues.



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I am prediabetic and have been on a low carb high fat diet for seven weeks. I have dropped 8 to 10 pounds but have been holding steady for the last week or so. I am still in the normal BMI range and at my wedding weight. That extra weight I was blaming on perimenopause and having a baby late in life, turned out to be eating too many sweets! I milked that one for the last 13 years.

I do not have a gallbladder and I thought the extra fat would be an issue, but it has not. I feel great, running, riding and swimming.....sort of of....I think I am going hyperthyroid again, but that is another issue and story. I eat until I am full. Lots of veggies, protein and fat. I even put coconut oil in my coffee. Yum!

Have been testing my blood sugars and eating to my meter and doing well. Are you testing your blood sugar? I bought a cheap meter at Walmart and test. Are you eating enough? Is your BMI okay? How long have you been gluten free? It has been a year since my CDs diagnosis so maybe digesting fats is hard for you. Do you take enzymes and probiotics?

I hope this helps.

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