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Laughter Is Healing

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I promise not to make this a place for my own personal critique on everything I watch, but I just wanted to share this one thing because laughter is soooo healing and we all could use that.


I watched the most hilarious Ellen Degeneres stand up routine from 2000, called "Ellen, The Beginning" It was so hilarious, I can't think when I've laughed that much watching anything. Everyone has a different sense of humor I know, but if you like Ellen and you need a good laugh, as we all do at times, check it out. I like Ellen because she is not mean spirited and doesn't make fun of other celebrities in place of actual humor. Also because she feels for those who are less fortunate. It's refreshing, or at least I think so.


And... it's on youtube for free! :) Lots of amazing things to watch are. How great is that?


If Ellen's not your thing watch something else that makes you laugh. I keep a list of movies I know will make me laugh when I need to. It works wonders!

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Want a giggle? John Pinette's bit about eating gluten free is HYSTERICAL.


I have to agree. Everyone here should see that, it is hysterical, boy can we relate. Also, I love that guy, never seen him before. Stand up comedy can be so.... what's the word... un-funny!!! Glad to learn about a good one. Thanks :)

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Oh guys...it is absolutely fantastic...my son does a perfect impersonation of it....yet...s$#&...no easy way to say this...he passed away this week...same day as Mickey Rooney :(


So sad, he was exceptionally funny!  Hang on going to find the link...



and he does more...some find it off putting but we laugh our collective asses off.


And Bunnie is spot on...laughter is always a the best path thru a tough time.  :)

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