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Newly Diagnosed - When Do You Start To Feel Better?

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I am newly diagnosed (Feb 2014) and have been gluten free since diagnosis.  I have looked for a local in person support group but have been unable to find one.  I am glad that this online community exists. 


I have to say that in the last few days I have finally started to feel more normal but I still have days where I just feel off....like tonight I just felt weird/dizzy and on occasion I feel like I want to take a deep breath in and can't.  I don't know if this is related to my anemia.  At diagnosis I was constipated, had gone through a bought of acid reflux (which I have never really had before), was diagnosed with a peptic ulcer, have anemia and low vitamin D levels, anxiety and have muscle/joint pains in my shoulders and hands. 


Was wondering how long it takes to feel completely normal again?  Does the anemia eventually go away completely?  Has anyone gotten huge bruises on their legs while anemic?  I have a huge one on my leg right now.  Sometimes I just feel scary weird and I am not really sure what is going on but I figure it is all part of this process/recovery/Celiac. 


Thanks everyone!

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Everyone heals at a different rate based on the severity of their damage. I finally felt better after nine months! At one year, I feel great. I have had set backs from accidental glutenings. I found that my healing improved after taking iron, calcium (fracture last June related to celiac disease), glutamine for intestinal healing, vit. d, a multi vitamin, and others on this forum found that digestive enzymes have helped.

Check out the newbie thread under the coping section. It contains many helpful tips and especially watch out for cross contamination. Best to avoid eating out for many months.

The anemia (shortness of breath, bruising, fatigue) should go away as you heal. That muscle pain should diminish too. Be patient!

Welcome to the forum!

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Not everyone has their anemia simply resolve on a gluten free diet as they heal. It is something you may want to supplement for to help if your symptoms are severe, or if you can't tolerate supplements and it's severe enough you could ask if your insurance covers infusions. Your issues certainly sound anemia related to me, but I'm no doctor. It can't hurt to make an appointment and see if you can get this resolved sooner rather than later. Yeah, this is a marathon, not a sprint to health for us... but for something we can get a little boost for, why wait?

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Thanks Adalaide! Me, of all people (I have another genetic anemia which will never go away, so I guess I dismiss it) should have known better that to say an anemia will get better on a gluten-free diet. I was able to resolve my iron deficient anemia by supplementing while my intestines healed.

Goodbyegluten, be sure to follow up/monitor with your doctor as too much iron is just as bad as too little if you have iron deficient anemia.

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They say that molasses is a good source of iron, if that is low.

Anemia from U of Maryland



Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Most often, anemia is caused by a lack of iron or vitamins. Making changes in your diet or taking supplements usually help. You should, however, find out from your doctor what's causing your anemia. For example, too much iron is toxic, and you should not take supplements unless you have iron deficiency anemia and your doctor recommends them. Herbal and nutritional treatments may help when used along with medical treatment.

Nutrition and Supplements

Iron -- Ferrous fumerate, glycerate, or sulfate are the forms of iron your body can absorb most easily. Always ask your doctor before taking an iron supplement. Taking a smaller dose three times a day or taking iron with meals may reduce side effects. If you miss a dose, don't take an extra dose the next time. Keep iron supplements away from children. Even a little excess iron can be fatal. Dietary sources of iron include red meat, especially calf liver, beans, beet greens, blackstrap molasses, almonds, and brewer's yeast. Green leafy vegetables contain both iron and folic acid.

Vitamin C (250 - 500 mg 2 times per day) helps your body absorb iron. Dietary sources include citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower. Vitamin C supplements may interact with other medications, including chemotherapy drugs, estrogen, warfarin (Coumadin), and others.

Vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg via injection once a day for 1 - 2 weeks, then every 1 - 3 months; or orally, 1,000 - 2,000 mcg per day) helps in cases of vitamin deficient or pernicious anemia. Dietary sources include liver, meats, eggs, tuna, and cheese. People with pernicious anemia cannot absorb the proper amount of vitamin B12 and may need lifelong supplements.

Folic acid (400 - 1,000 mcg per day) -- For folic acid deficiency, which can cause anemia. Good food sources include green leafy vegetables, orange juice, and grains. Taking folic acid supplements can hide a vitamin B12 deficiency, so always take vitamin B12 when taking folic acid. Folic acid may interact with the chemotherapy drugs 5-fluorouracil and capecitabine (Xeloda). It may also interact with the antiseizure drugs phenytoin (Dilantin), phenobarbital, and primidone (Mysoline).

Blackstrap molasses, also known as pregnancy tea (1 tbs. per day in a cup of hot water), is a good source of iron, B vitamins, and minerals. Blackstrap molasses is also a very gentle laxative

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