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Wondering Accuracy Of Blood Test For An 8 Yr. Old

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First off, I have Celiac and several family members (mom, brothers, cousins, etc).  Anyway, last fall my then 7 yr. old started complaining of stomach aches all the time.  Instead of having him tested for Celiac I just put him on the diet.  He was on the diet for 6 months.  Though it was a royal pain, he never complained of tummy issues all but a few times.  In March, he asked me if he could try not being gluten free to see what happened.  I let him and he was fine for the first few weeks.  He's been on gluten again for about 4 weeks now and within the last 2 weeks has started complaining more of tummy aches and diarrhea.  Anyway, at this point before he goes back to being gluten free, I would like a blood test so that I know the diet is necessary.  I'm wondering how accurate it is in children, and if he's been on gluten long enough to show the antibodies?





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I've read 8-12 weeks is your best bet for an accurate test. Longer is better as the antibody levels change at different speeds for different people. For instance, my tTG IgA was ALMOST normal after over a year gluten-free.


When you do get tested, make sure you get the DGP IgA and IGG, and tTG IgA and IgG done. Those two are the best for kids.

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Longer with a steady amount of one slice of gluten containing bread is best.  Twelve weeks is what the University of Chicago recommends.


With kids it is tough....but as Nicole already mentioned...make sure your doctor orders both Deamidated Gliadin Peptide tests:





Good luck to you :)

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