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It's Been A Week I've Got Glutened Almost Everyday

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Hello everybody !


First of all, please forgive my poor english ! Ok, so I'm gonna sum up my story. The symptoms of celiac started a year and a half ago. I didn't know why I was sick everyday so I went to see many physicians and they all told me that my symptoms were only due to anxiety which I began to think as well. No doctors found what I had, and in France, I think people and physicians in particular don't know much about celiac disease (and it's the same for groceries stores, it's pretty difficult to find gluten-free food). Anyway, I didn't know what I had until the day I read something about gluten in a newspaper. All the symptoms described where mine, so I decided to go gluten-free cold turkey. And no symptoms, not anymore (for about 7 months). But the thing is that this week, I know I've been contaminated, I've been eating cakes (so-called gluten-free but they weren't, the body doesn't lie haha) and I was sick for two days, and I got glutened three other times in the week even though I haven't eat anything with gluten. I mean, the symptoms are the same, my belly hurts the same way that it does with gluten. So I wanted to know, if some of you have been glutened many times in a short period of time and if it feels this way, is it because of the gluten binge I had a few days ago, or because I've been eating gluten without noticing it ? Does it takes a long time for you to recover ? I'm going to see a physician this week anyway, but I'm really worried, I'm afraid it might be something else than just celiac disease.


Thank you for reading this.

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Hi Morgane,


I don't know what is happening to you now. It sounds like a good plan to check with the doctor.   But the last time I experienced contamination for several days afterward I felt cramping each time I ate.  It can take a while to get rid of it all.  I hope you learned not to try gluten again.


Be sure to study what foods to eat and not eat to avoid future problems. 



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