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Vegetarian Indian Dishes

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I'm having chana masala tonight :) http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/chana-masala-with-coconut/ (Or like me you can cheat and find a pre-made spice pack...) That website is brilliant. Obviously it isn't intended to be gluten-free but it mostly is and substitutions are easy. The ingredients list may be long but I just tick as many boxes as I can, still tastes good!

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We have had a lot of Indian recipes here.  You might try using the search and look at some of them.


If you don't know about the search - 

ON the main Forum page : top right corner is a search box.  For some reason it always works better to start at the main forum page.

Choose the little "gear" next to the box for an advanced search

Use the word "Indian" in the search box

Choose the baking, recipe forum

choose the "show as posts" (so much easier)


I did this and saw a bunch you could look at.  some might not be vegetarian but many probably are.  And they link to sites which might have other recipes you might like.

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I'd like to experiment with Indian cooking. Anybody have any vegetarian gluten-free Indian recipes?

there are  hundreds of great recipes online form India and some really fun cooking shows. Try check Zee TV and NDTV to work backwards to their shows. If you remind me when i get home in a week i can post a couple of mine which are vegan as well as gluten-free, like palak or saag.  Dal Makani & aloo gobi.


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