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Mercury Toxicity?

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Yes...I said I have seen a doctor in Nashville. I also have a friend who is a dentist in Colorado that is going through the same thing. I ordered the mercury test her naturopath suggested and am going to take it from there. I was just curious if anyone else had similar experiences...I am here to tell you it is not gluten though...I do not think I could be more careful than I am...If you would read about candida...it goes hand in hand with mercury toxicity...Mercury feeds yeast...So you do not necessarily have to have the conditions you stated...Especially if it's in your gut...

What feeds yeast even more is sugar.  The odds of anyone having mercury problems, unless directly exposed to/ingested it, is pretty slim.  You will not develop mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings.  That is pseudo science perpetrated by people who will make money off of people's lack of knowledge on it.


I know a lot about Candida issues and Celiac Disease is often the culprit in yeast problems because it throws your whole GI system off kilter.  If you have no good gut bacteria to keep yeast in check, it can cause systemic problems.  You need to go on an anti-fungal and take sugar out of your diet.  Nothing white/refined to eat at all for about a year.  It works beautifully but many people cannot do it because it's much harder to kick sugar than gluten.  I did it twice and I never felt better in my life....aside from quitting gluten.

Once I discovered the Celiac also, and my gut healed, I have never had a candida problem since.

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