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Stick-on Birth Control Patches, Etc

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I'm really happy I dont have to deal with all this anymore. As many intolerances as I have now, I am sure birth control would be a problem for me. Celiacs threw me into early menopause, but contrary to everything else in my life, menopause went rather smoothly for me. I did have hot flashes for a few years, but havent had one because of menopause in 3 yrs. Its strange, hydrocortisone cream gives me hot flashes, explain that one! <_<

My daughter was born because birth control pills were making me ill 24 yrs ago. I was gluten intolerant even then, I realize that now, of course I didnt find out until 4 yrs ago. I remember my doctor saying, "99% safe and you have to be the 1!" I'm sure the pills have changed considerably since then, but I know they gave me flu like symptoms and that is what the doc told me was wrong--that I had a strain of the flu that kept coming back. That flu is 23 yrs old now and looks just like me. :rolleyes: Deb


Long Island, NY

Double DQ1, subtype 6

We urge all doctors to take time to listen to your patients.. don't "isolate" symptoms but look at the whole spectrum. If a patient tells you s/he feels as if s/he's falling apart and "nothing seems to be working properly", chances are s/he's right!

"The calm river of your life approaches the rocky chute of the rapids - flow on through. You are the same water. The rocks cannot hurt you. Remember, now and then, that you are the water and not the boat. Flow on!

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