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4th gluten free day and I feel pretty good today! Good enough for a car drive...


I am out the door to pick up a friend I have been estranged from, to have a picnic and go see several waterfalls near Portland. She the type that will kind of barrel over you trying to help without really listening to what the problem is. Doesn't listen, but her heart is in the right place. I've read so many posts on here about dealing with people that don't understand... this probably isn't someone I should be dealing with for my first attempt out side family, but the sun is out, and I would like to go with a friend. I've known her for years.


Hopefully it won't even come up. I packed carrot sticks, peapods, celery, hummus, 2 apples and water bottles. When I call her, I will tell her to pack a sandwhich is she wants to, but that I have lots of food. And I'm only going for a few hours.


This should be interesting.

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Good deal! :)  Just keep up your vigilance in avoiding in gluten.  It's easy (for some of us   :unsure:  ) to slip up and eat things with gluten at the beginning.  Hard to believe you had a good time without bringing some peanuts along though. :D

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