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Digestive Enzymes - Vitalzymes By Klaire Labs

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Hi All!


So I've taken digestive enzymes before, but one of my doctors recommended that I try a specific brand called Vitalzymes. I've included a link to the ingredients/product information for you:




Does anyone have any experience with this brand or product? He wants me to take 3 pills per meal. It is supposed to help you digest gluten (not that I am insinuating that i would start taking it to digest gluten intentionally - especially since I am sure this is more for people with a gluten intolerance rather than celiac disease) but is it possible it would help with accidental consumption of gluten/CC issues? I have heard of an enzyme that some of you have taken that seems to help with the gluten, but I can't remember what it's called.


Anyway, the doctor has these right in his office so I won't need to pay shipping/handling or anything! Again, I am not going to intentionally eat gluten I am just curious if Glucoamylase/Amylase really do have any effect on the digestion of gluten? If not, do these look like a good digestive enzyme? I've only tried one other brand, that was specifically formulated for the SCD diet, so I'm not sure what to look for.


Thanks in advance!



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We  have  an allergy  doctor here in my area  Dr Kerry  who  also  does alternative  treatments  he  swears  by  Klaire ... I  haven't  used  this  product  by Klaire  but  I  have  used  others....with no problems....

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