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Hives Only Reaction

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I have been getting hives for 2 1/2 years. The only main trigger I can find is glutten. When removed the hives are more managable. I also now react to all 5 classes of antihisamines, cold medications, anti nausea, and I am finding more daily. Before 2 1/2 years ago I reacted to nothing. I had no allergies before this time. I have no other symptoms, no diarea, no bloating, no nothing.....just the hives. Tested negaitve for ciliacs, but I was already gluten free at that time. So dr said results can not be fully acurate. Has any one ever heard of Ciliacs causeing only hives and creating the reaction to other meds? I am at a lose. All other vitals are normal and good: blood pressure, cholesteral, blood sugars, etc... all good. Thanks for any help. :)

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