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Iron Hill Brewery's Wilmington, De Riverfront Location: Great Service!

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Recently I went to a concert, and because we didn't have time to eat beforehand, we decided to go out afterwards.  Several places on the Wilmington riverfront do have gluten-free menus and take CC precautions, so we planned on going to one of those afterwards.  Not thinking, we didn't get there until 10pm, and by then they had switched over to their late night, gluten filled menus  :(  I was pretty upset because I hadn't eaten dinner yet, and now restaurants that I know could actually make me a gluten-free meal wouldn't because we had gotten there too late.  In all of this I was extremely kind to the staff because I've found that gets me a lot better response  :)  


At Iron Hill, they gave us the late night menu, and I asked to compare it to their gluten-free menu to see what I could order, and I came up with hummus :mellow:   Without me even asking, because at that point I was set on just going home to make something, our server went and got the manager.  She didn't want us to leave just because of the extremely limited option, so she told us to order off the full gluten-free menu, and they would prepare what we wanted.  I was so appreciative and thankful that I will definitely continue to go there because of that positive experience!!

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