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Gluten Challenge Question

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My 2 year has been worked up for celiac, but blood tests negative. He had an EGD which was also negative but had already been gluten free. We only did a gluten challenge for 2 weeks because he symptoms were so bad. He has been strictly gluten free for 6 months and thriving! The GI doc that I love is convinced it's celiac. We are going to do the genetic testing just to see.

I mentioned that my daughter who is 4 has been having odd symptoms. She recently started having reflux (or throw up burps as she calls them). She has also been clutching her tummy and saying her tummy is "cold". I think cold is pain to her because she said the same thing with an ear infection. The GI wants her to have the blood work done. She never had diarrhea but runs constipated. She stools daily, but no matter how much water and fiber they are like pellets.

My question is how long to do the gluten challenge. She has been gluten free at home because of my son, but I don't restrict her when we are out. So I know that she eats gluten a few times a week, but not daily. Should I do gluten daily for 6 weeks like the doctor suggested or can I test her since she has not truly been gluten free?

Also- any other kids clutch their tummies and say it's cold? Best I can figure she is having gas pains


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I your doctor said 6 weeks, then at least a slice of gluten bread daily for 6 weeks.


The concern I have from reading your post... "throw up burps", constipation, "cold" tummy clutching, and the symptoms also related to Celiac can be symptoms of Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  I would make sure the ped. gastro. will be ordering the pathologist for the eosinophil count from the biopsy sample.  (There is now a known connection between Celiac and EE.)

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