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Opinions Wanted About Meal Replacement!

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I suffer from DH and have not had the discipline to go paleo, or elimination diet , but have a low iodine, whole food, etc diet.

I continue the no gluten, no dairy battle, have reduced my dapsone to 25 mgs 2xday

I was wondering if the the garden of life Raw Meal mixed with coconut water is

Good to have once a day 7 days a week,

I have not been good with my "leaky gut" healing....for example have not been following a food rotation, forget my fermented veggies etc....but have been good eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods.

Having one meal a day be a powder shake does make my life simpler.


And thanks....

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I don't know if its a good idea to replace real food with a drink but..... I just don't feel comfortable with barley and wheat grass. It should be gluten-free, but ......

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I would avoid Raw Meal.  It said gluten free all over the package so I assumed it was safe.  It left me in fetal position for days.  Going from my bed to the toilet to vomit it out.  After I called the company Garden of Life to let them know,  the rep on the phone ditched any responsibility.  I wasn't eating out or taking chances with anything else which was packaged.  It was the Raw Meal.  I know because one of my symptoms of gluten is the outside of my right arm itches - and this product gave me those itches.  Foolishly I kept consuming the product.  I got sick.  I called back a second time and again they denied responsibility but offered me a credit for more G of L product - after ditching responsibility for selling a product which wasn't what it claimed to be.  I wouldn't buy another product that Garden of Life had anything to do with again.  BTW G of L was recently bought out by Nestle.  They claim that the quality wont drop.  I doubt it.


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