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New (Former) Provider

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We heavily discussed my having celiac, special diet in an appointment I had with a medical caregiver.  I was sent home with a printout that said to consume whole wheat for to make my health good.


One more thing.  I asked they not use KY jelly.  Whether it was unpurpose or inadvertant, I can't say.  However, lets just say that something tells me that they did use it and it is also a problem for me.


Anyone could make such mistakes, but if they like their customers to come back, they ought not to.  As for me, mine own vigilence at all times is absolutely necessary.  How could I do a procedure while out of it?  No wonder I avoided doctors for a couple of decades. 


I do love my functional medicine providers who listen.  They do sometimes make mistakes, but who can keep track of all of my intolerances?  They ask and are careful.  They remember what I tell them.

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