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When Do I Start gluten-free?

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I'm confused at when to start.   I have positive blood result (big panel)  and set up to see a GI (referred today).


I'm trying to change my big food items to gluten-free already because I'm know I'm still getting gluten from a ton of other sources.  I'm scanning things with an app but not overly reading labels.  I live in a totally glutened house right now. 

I don't know if my GI will want a biopsy or not.  I will probably push for it (even thought I'm scared) because I need to know for myself.  I was told some Docs might see my blood work and scores and that will be enough.

But I have anemia.  I'm on Rx'd iron, folic acid and a multi-vitamin.  As well as birth control pills strong enough to control my heavy periods until I have a uterine ablation done June 11th.    Then I hope to be able to drop the bcp and maybe some of the other pills for gluten free ones. (They may be already but I haven't researched it yet- because I'm hoping not to need BCP to begin with after the procedure).  Not too mention whatever recovery pills I may need to be on after the ablation procedure.

So when do I change my kitchen, stop eating out, check every label, change my medicines, and basically give up my entire life to succumb to the hell that will be gluten- free?


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Starting now with the house is a good idea.  Wait until you have the Scope done until you actually eat gluten free unless, of course, the GI does not do one.  When that last test is done, start your new diet and hopefully your Kitchen will be ready by then.


Good Luck



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What? It won't be Hell! Just different.

Keep eating gluten until all testing is complete. I think a biopsy would be good for you. I was in complete denial too as anemia was my only symptom. That is because my husband already had it for 13 years. What are the odds that we would both have it? So, the biopsy sealed the deal! (Mildly positive on the blood test and moderate to severe damage on the biopsy).

Was your thyroid tested? I was running hypo at the time I had heavy blood loss from menstruation. Just hormones did the trick until I went through menopause two years later and I was still anemic. That's when my celiac disease was discovered.

Just do not go gluten crazy until your biopsy. I did. Ate a loaf of sourdough every day for seven weeks. Ate all my favorite store-bought cookies. Baked like crazy. By the time my endoscopy came, I was ready to give up gluten because I had developed intestinal symptoms ( rock feeling in stomach, etc).

Three months later I sustained 2 vertebrae fractures doing nothing! Now that was a life changer! All attributed to osteopenia and osteoporosis from Celiac Disease.

The good news is that I am back on my bike, running the trails and cranking on swimming. Might be time to sign up for a tri. Less competition in my age category and better chance of placing!

So, get a grip! Aww.... You see you are being affected in other ways by gluten than just anemia!

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