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Badger Sunscreen Cross Contamination?

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I couldn't find the sunscreen that I usually use so I purchased a different one.  It doesn't say gluten free but it states on the bottle that the inactive ingredients are derived from sunflower oil.  When I got home, I looked it up online and found this on the company website:


"Badger Sunscreens are filled in a facility that also processes wheat and gluten materials on the same machinery. This facility does careful cleanings between product transitions to greatly reduce the possibility of cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee those products gluten free."


I am very sensitive to cross contamination.  If this were a food item, I would not eat it.  But since it's for the skin and any that I ingested would be minimal, it seems like it should be fine ... I'm just curious if other people here think that cross contamination of skin products is a problem.  If you have experience (good or bad) with this specific product/line, that would be great to know too.


(I'm also extra paranoid right now because I'm pregnant!)



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It shouldn't be an issue at all. If I used sunscreen, I would use it. You can't absorb gluten through your skin, they said they clean thoroughly and any you ingest shouldn't be minimal, it should be absolutely nil. Wash your hands after applying if you're a face toucher, or if you intend to eat. There is no reason at all not to use this product, or to be worrying about gluten in sunscreens at all since you should be taking every precaution to avoid getting it in your mouth for reasons that are far more dangerous to your health than gluten.

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Thank you for your response.


Of course I am not planning to ingest any, but even if I wash my hands I still might touch an area of skin where the sunscreen was applied and then touch my mouth or food.  OK, it does seem pretty paranoid ... and yet, there was a time when I thought it was paranoid to think that I could be glutened by kissing my boyfriend/husband AFTER he had brushed his teeth!  Nevertheless, it happened.  This disease is pretty hard to believe sometimes.


That's why I'd rather ask, even if it makes me seem like a fruitcake.  :)

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