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Gluten Sensitivity And Chronic Gastritis

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I have had upper abdomen pain for about 9 months.  Right in the middle under breast bone and on left side.   Abdominal u/s showed nothing and upper endoscopy showed chronic gastritis.   Has anyone had abdominal pain from gastritis  and possibly related to eating gluten.    I have been eating gluten for 10 years and so far no symptoms other than occasional stomach aches/ head aches.

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Currently I have an ulcer in my stomach, endo coming up this friday. Have you been tested for celiac or are you just assuming you are only GI ? I know inflammation is a hallmark of celiac disease. A few years ago, before I ever had an idea that i might have celiac disease I had a really bad pain above my right hip. I was really concerned that it was my appendix or something so after it continually getting worse after 2 days, I went to the ER. They ran a slew of tests and all they could come up with was that I had "inflammation around my organs" they prescribed the prescription type aleeve and sent me on my way. What kind of bulls$#& diagnosis is that? Thinking back it was probably a result of celiac disease. Thats why I ask if you have confirmed that you don't have celiac.

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