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Body Shape, Effect Of Weight Loss In Celiac?

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When I had a raft of symptoms in January after having issues for sixteen years, I experienced some rapid weight loss, I lost around 21 lbs in a couple of months but having been a muscular person before still have some muscle left, I didn't look like I was emaciated despite the weight loss, is it possible with celiac to lose weight quickly but not just lose muscle? Hope this doesn't sound too confusing. 

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This is all my belief and I am sure someone will dispute it just based on the fact that it's not scientific....


Your body has lost the ability to gain nutrients from the foods we eat, our intestines are too damaged to absorb them.  Your body then looks to the nearest thing, fat cells.  If your body depletes that source, it then moves on to muscle mass. I don't know about your structure, but it might not have been too much weight for you to lose.


I have lost over 150 pounds in the last two years and have lost muscle mass due to the fact that my body depleted the other source ( fat) and had to move on so it picked muscle. It sucks that I had that much to lose but after years of weight fluctuation( due to celiac and thyroid issues) I needed to lose it, but I can't say that I am sad it's gone.  Just more frustrated that it just keeps going.


Hope that makes sense and didn't sound too confusing :)

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