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I'm on a very strict candida diet, so what I can eat is very limited. I've been eating grilled vegetables and chicken seasoned with olive oil/salt and pepper, and that keeps me satisfied. Usually I've just been cutting up the vegetables and wrapping them in makeshift foil packets to be grilled, but today I was talking with a woman at work who told me about grilling baskets. This would be a real time saver - I could just throw all of my vegetables in together and actually see when they're cooked. Does anyone else use one for their vegetables? If so, can you recommend a good brand? When I do a google search, so many different ones pop up - I don't even know where to start...

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i have tried a few different varieties - all relatively inexpensive.  i have seen/bought them at target, home depot, and other similar type stores.  


the first one i bought was stainless steel, and i found it terrible to try to clean.  at that point, i was marinating the veggies in salad dressing, so that might have been part of the problem.  


the most recent one that i got was this one (or something similar):


the two things i like about this one is that it is non-stick, so relatively easy to clean.  also, because it is round, there are no cracks/crevices for things to get stuck to.

not everyone likes non-stick, so this might not be good for everyone.  i have not had any issues with the coating on the inside of the bowl scratching, but the bottom does tend to scratch off - no food on that surface, so it doesn't concern me too much.


good luck!

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