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Purpose Of Forum?

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Is it to present a unified view?  Is it to present optional viewpoints?  Is it to present what we know from our own experiences.  Is it to present what medical science vantage point is?  Is it to support each other?  Is it to help one type of person or super-sensitive and a little sensitive alike?

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This is my opinion...


This forum is many things to many people.


I think it's most important task is to welcome those new to living gluten-free and try to present clear information about Celiac Disease and other gluten sensitivies. 


I stumbled in here within days of the first time I heard the word Celiac on March 9, 2009 and was still pretty unclear as to exactly what gluten was.


As time progressed -- I watched, listened and learned so much from the members here that I strongly believe those of us helped by this forum should pay it forward, which I did for a while and then would leave for some time to live my life.


Unfortunately, I had some rather severe setbacks over the past five years and when down with doctors stumped would return here for advice, but mostly to hang with folks that get it.


Eventually I was asked to Moderate...which I did for a couple years until my health really improved. 


Now I pop in - usually daily to welcome new folks, answer the questions with regard to what I consider a very flawed testing/medical care system for Celiac Disease in this country and to share what I'm cooking with others to find out what they are cooking to keep my kitchen interesting.

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