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White Poo

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Hi I have a question for you all regarding my daughters stool.

This past week we left my kids at their grandmothers house for a few days, where I am pretty confident they got glutened. My daughter who is suspected celiac but not confirmed, has had belly aches since she got home on Wednesday. She is now pooing this lovely stool that resembles white playdoh. I have never seen anything like this before! It sinks, doesn't float, and I don't see any oil droplets anywhere.

When I google white poo, I get all sorts of liver diseases and gallbladder issues.

I know pale stool can be a symptom of celiac, could anyone tell me if they have had this experience before, or if I should be concerned about bile duct blockage?? And how white is indicative of celiac??

Thanks, I am trying not to freak out here.


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Just an update.....I had an appointment to take her to our doc, and she went to the bathroom, it was normal again. After 3days of white poo, it was brown again! The doc said they didn't need to see her but to bring her in if it happened again.

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Bile function is related to a bunch of different organs so it can be tough to know which one might not be doing its job or why, or if it is just a matter of a blockage that could be temporary. 

But I would not panic about a temporary change in stool color as a symptom. I'd be more concerned about the pain. And if your daughter hasn't been tested for celiac yet, perhaps it is time so that when she does visit her grandparents, they take food concerns more seriously. 

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