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1 Year Post Dx, Improving Slowly. Next Step?

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Hi, I have been gluten-free for just over a year, and am really starting to see a few improvements.  My nails are getting stronger.  I have a horizontal ridge across them, and you can feel the difference in the thickness of them.  My hair is starting to grow back.  I have a fair bit of regrowth especially in the frount, which was looking very thin at diagnosis, it is mostly grey, but hair is hair, and I will gladly take what is given.  My brain fog is getting better.  I still can't think of the words that I want at times, but these times are getting less.  My mood is a lot brighter overall, but I still have bouts of depression when I get CC.


I still have pain in my muscles and joints and pins and needles all over, but this is slowly improving.  I still trip and fall over and still walk into things like door frames.  My headaches are better, and my sinus infections are a lot less frequent. 


Diet wise, I am still on suppliments, multivits/mins, probiotics, calcium/vit D, fish oil and glaucosimine.  I find that I just can't eat eggs, they make me feel sick just looking at them.  I also feel ill at the sight of chicken.  I have cravings for other meat though.  I remain lactose intolerant and have also reacted badly to codex wheat when I reintroduced that.  I went on a juice fast for about 3 weeks, and after the first 3-4 days felt really well and full of energy.  My skin really improved too.


I was thinking about going grain free, like paeleo, but without the cream and butter.  Has anyone tried this, or have any suggestions as to how I can keep on improving my health.  I know that I may still be healing, and maybe need to give it more time, but I would like to help nature along a bit if I can.

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