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Possibly Studying Abroad In France?

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I'm 18. On top of having celiac I also have a million other food allergies and intolerances.

I am...

Lactose intolerant 

Egg intolerant 

(So I'm basically a forced vegan because I'm also a vegetarian)


Allergic to... All nuts, oats, pears, peaches, plums, celery, sesame, and a variety of other things. I carry an epipen.. many of these allergies are anaphylactic.


I basically only eat rice, beans, and various veggies with that. I eat fruit for breakfast or a rice cereal with either rice milk or coconut milk. 


I may have the opportunity to do a study abroad program in France for my senior year of high school (this fall). I'm a year behind because of all of the complications of celiac disease, they caused me to miss a LOT of school before we realized what it was. I've been homeschooling for a year now... but I'm still in touch with my old friends. They all graduated and will be going off to college in the fall and, obviously, I am VERY bummed out about having to stay at home and do another year of high school. At the moment the plan is just for me to complete my high school courses at a community college that is nearby and then go to university in the fall of 2015. HOWEVER.. getting to study abroad would be compensation for not getting to go to college when all of my friends are! The idea is just awesome and something that I could totally be excited about.


Obviously the issue is the food... and the language barrier. I took French 1 in 9th grade but didn't retain much and the teacher wasn't that great. Obviously I'd learn as much as I could before going.. and I could try to learn how to explain my food issues to people... But how well is that sort of thing handled in France?


I believe this program covers the whole school year. I REALLY want to do it.. so how do I get around the food issues?


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Have you talked to the " program" yet? See what they think? Will you be in a family home or a dorm or your own apartment? Will you be able to shop and cook for yourself? Are you even able to go on an airplane? Might be hard to get there if your allergies keep you from flying. Do they still cruise from New York to Europe?

I think a situation where you are I control of your food - like an apartment- might be easier to handle with multiple and serious food allergies. I think it will also depend on the size of city you are in for availability of things like rice milk. So you may want to be sure you get a larger city.

I don't I know what ones are good - but I know there are some sites for food allergies and kids. Maybe they have some info on different programs that work better?

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