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Dh And Pregnancy

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Hi all! Been reading a lot of the topics on this site and finally decided to make a profile. Ive been diagnosed with celiac and dermatitis herpetiformis for about 7 years now & treating it with dapsone. My dermatologist did a skin biopsy that confirmed. So no question about  what the rash actually is, I know it's definitely DH. The dapsone did keep the rash under control, as well as (trying) to follow a strict gluten free diet. although i would indulge sometimes when i was first diagnosed, i've learned that it's just not worth it anymore as my rash has gotten worse over the years… it was just manageable with the medication b/c even if there was possible cross contamination, i feel like the dapsone helped the rash to not come out? if that makes sense… 


Anyway, now i'm pregnant and haven't been taking any dapsone. & i must've gotten glutened good because my rash is back and in full force! My doctor says taking the dapsone as needed shouldn't cause any harm… but i think she's an idiot and it's far too strong of a drug soooooo i just haven't been taking it.  I don't want to risk the possible side effects it could cause to an unborn baby. 


i guess my question is, how long after getting glutened does it typically take for the rash to heal and subside? it's been 3 weeks since i ate a restaurant that i'm pretty positive had some cross contamination, and its been just a few days since i drank a decaf skinny vanilla latte from starbucks (Their light syrups DO contain gluten) <_< SO STUPID!!!!!!! i'm just curious to know how long i'll be dealing with this particular outbreak because it is making me miserable. maybe i'm also just here to vent too! DH SUCKS!!!!! lol  :rolleyes: Also, what's the deal with all this iodine and salacylates sensitivity talk a lot of you keep mentioning?? I don't think i'm quite ready to cut iodine out of my diet just yet, as i've read that it can be crucial to the brain development of babies…  Theres quite a bit of it in my prenatal vitamin. however, i don't know if it's been worsening my outbreak, i think (& really hope) i just got glutened real bad… 


thanks for reading! i appreciate any and all feedback !!! :ph34r:

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You just have to make SURE you do not get the tiniest amount of gluten! The pregnancy hormones do have an impact on dh too. Many people never had dh & when they got pregnant, it presented.


No way to tell you how long. Everyone is an individual & then throw in your pregnancy & it's anybody's game.


Being pregnant, I would not limit your iodine intake. As to the salicylates --- don't worry about it.

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