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Mom Cooks Gluten Food And Gluten-Free Food In Same Oven

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My mom doesn't like the taste of gluten-free flour so she will make two recipes (breads, etc)- one with gluten flour in it for her and one with gluten-free flour in it for me. I told her that I don't think gluten and gluten-free recipes should be cooked in the oven at the same time. She doesn't want to go through hassle of cooking them separately, though. can cooking 2 separate pans like this in the same oven poison me. Since I get neurological more than diarrhea symptoms, it isn't as easy to tell if I was glutened. I am used to feeling bad every day whether or not I had gluten. I don't know it's related to another condition or my body hasn't fully healed with the gluten-free diet. It hasn't been a year on the diet, yet.

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Welcome to the forum!


There are a few things to take into account when cooking gluten-free and non gluten-free things in the oven at the same time, but in general it can be safe.  If the gluten-filled item is something that is going to splatter or put off particles, it is best that it be on a lower rack and possibly covered with foil.  If the item has loose flour all over it and a convection oven is used (where a fan blows the heat around) it may not be a good idea to have it in there with a gluten-free item.  But two things that will stay in their pans and can fit on the same rack very well without touching should be okay.  Make sure to use dedicated gluten-free pans and potholders so you aren't introducing cross-contamination.  If you are able to put the gluten filled item on a lower rack, that can prevent splatter like with bubbly pizzas.  


It is also important to take into account some good practices when you have a shared kitchen with gluten items.  If someone is baking with flour from scratch, the poofy nature of it can settle on other things that are not right next to it, so if you would like more info on keeping a shared kitchen safe, check out our newbie 101 thread:  https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/91878-newbie-info-101/


Here are a few other things on keeping shared kitchens safe:





Feel free to ask any other questions you may have! :)

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I'm sure you can avoid cc, but why take the chance? My son is the one who is gluten free in our household. I have other food allergies. I always cook one meal for all of us so that means we all eat rice flour and other gluten free foods. It's easier to not have any gluten in the house. Udi's gluten free bread is made from rice flour. I buy gluten free bread and put a damp paper towel in the baggie with the sandwich my son takes to school. Keeps it nice and moist.

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