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Life Savers Candy Made Me Sick

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I know, Life Savers making me sick, it's ironic… I had a moment of weakness in the grocery store.

I had some hard candy before that was made in Germany that I ate sometimes, just sugar, a few ingredients, never had a problem. I can have a small amount of sugar and it doesn't bother me… but I ran out of those and nothing at the grocery store was available without Corn Syrup. Pretty sure that's what got me, unless it was the artificial coloring, but I doubt it. I hadn't had anything with corn in it for over two years.


Now I'm sick again, and I was doing so well. What I still don't quite understand is why my digestive system is still SO sensitive. I stopped gluten over two years ago, and since then I've had trouble with one food after another. I think it's because I still have never had a long enough time just being well without another flare up - I assume it's leaky gut, but it's so touchy, like it has a hair-trigger. I don't think my intestinal lining has had a long enough chance to heal in one stretch.


I've improved a lot though lately. I started to get much better as soon as I discovered the most recent thing that was causing me digestive problems: for me histamine was a big piece of the puzzle. I have a diet now that my body likes which is HUGE progress, as long as I don't add one single different thing to the equation. My motility is much better, so I can eat more protein, so I'm putting on some weight.


Hopefully it won't take so long to recover from this mishap… fingers crossed. I had just gotten over the last fiasco when I tried one omega 3 fish oil capsule. It took 2 1/2 months to get over being sick from that. It has taken that long to get over each thing my body has a bad reaction to since the beginning.


I'm seeing a new GI soon at UCLA who is supposed to know something about functional digestive disorders - my last GI was useless. I would feel better if I understood better what exactly is happening in my body! I like to understand things. If I find out anything useful at the new doctor appt, I'll share it.


I've been too sick to write much on here the last few months, but just knowing I'm in good company helps a lot, so I'm glad to be back on here… it's lonely out in the world of people who don't understand this stuff.

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The problem is there is simply not enough known about functional digestive disorders. As you know I've been in a similar boat for over five years now. I understand much more than I did, but research is way behind what has happened in my body...and that has been confirmed by some fairly talented doctors and researchers.

I hope you have an informative appt at UCLA...I'll be happy to hear anything new that comes from the meeting.

Glad to hear you have had improvement. Hang tough : )

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That's so discouraging. The only way I keep making it through this is to try and stay positive and hope for the best. Just the thought of still being sick after five years is more than I can stand to think about right now.

Just because I have issues, does not mean you will.

I'm still full of hope...I'll lend you some :)

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I am also severely intolerant to corn, including corn derivatives. I was recently diagnosed with mastocytosis. I follow a Paleo diet meshed with the low histamine diet. I closely watch the corn allergy sites though, since there's a lot of hidden corn out there. However, note that I had to let go of the entire grass family, including cane sugar. Corn is just the worst in the family for me.

Sorry to hear about the candy!

One approach may be to try taking N-acetyl-glutamine, NAG before having anything remotely containing corn. It binds to the lectin in grains and helps make them digestible.

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