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My Symptoms Seem Different From Others On This Board...

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Hello everyone!


I was recently diagnosed with Celiac after an upper endoscopy a few weeks ago. Up until then, I had not felt well without explanation for almost two years, starting in October of 2012. A little history before I begin:


Though never officially diagnosed, I am almost positive I came down with a parasite called Giardia in October 2012, which is what started all of my problems that I'm dealing with today. Though I did a stool sample to test for it and it came back negative, I am positive I had it because I had sexual contact with someone who had had it in the past (I believe it was dormant in their system even though they swore they'd gotten rid of it). My symptoms were too specific to be anything else, especially the sulfurous burps. Gross I know.


In an effort to get rid of it, I took a LOT of antibiotics over the course of a month until I felt like it was finally dead. I had originally taken a 1 week course of antibiotics, and felt better for a few days, only for my symptoms to return. After doing some research online, it became clear one week of antibiotics wasn't enough to kill the parasite. Much like lice, I had killed the ones that had hatched, but then the ones who hadn't hatched did, and my misery started all over again. So I did a stronger course of antibiotics for two weeks straight. After that, my giardia symptoms went away. No more lactose intolerance, no more sulfurous burps, no body odor, no extreme fatigue, and my stools started to return to a somewhat normal state. I thought I was in the clear, but I never quite felt back to normal after all that.   


Since that time, I have just generally not felt like my old self. I have been a little more tired and less energetic than I was before, less excited about life, and have had a host of seemingly random symptoms -- itchy skin (no rashes, just itchy skin from time to time), dry eyes, phlegm build up in the throat that would come and go, recurring mild acid reflux, brain fog, numbness/tingling in my fingers and toes, heightened sensitivity to cold weather, chronic depression, and mild abdomen discomfort. I had convinced myself I had developed a severe case of intestinal candida, because my symptoms would seem to worsen after having beer or anything with yeast in it. I thought I had wiped out all my good gut flora with the antibiotics I took to kill the parasite.


But my GI specialist told me candida was impossible. She suggested the endoscopy, and even though I had had blood tests (which came back negative for celiac) she took a few biopsies during the procedure and sure enough -- I have celiac.


My question is: has anyone had the symptoms that I have had? I feel like many people on this forum have diarrhea issues or severe stomach pains and I don't have that (fortunately). Others have said if they get glutened they are out of commission for a few days. I have been glutened once or twice since starting my gluten free diet and the only symptoms that came back were the itchy skin and the numbness/tingling in my extremities (fingers especially). And perhaps the depression was a tad worse. Are everyone's symptoms different? Is it possible I was misdiagnosed? I've noticed I have sinus issues when I drink alcohol (even when it is gluten free, like wine or tequila). Could it be an alcohol allergy?


I'm learning about this as I go. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thank you!




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I would say that your symptoms are right on target given there are so many symptoms of Celiac.  Also, a lot of your "diagnosing" is just assumptions.  Yes, long-term antibiotics can mess with your gut and you should probably take probiotics to help restore the balance, but that doesn't mean you have whatever you think you have.


I had D and brain fog..and now that it's gone I've noticed I had excess gas and tingling in my fingers and toes....


As for the alcohol thing--you know, sometimes somethings just don't agree with you for whatever reason.  That doesn't mean it's an allergy or disease, it just is.  What exact sinus symptoms do you have when you drink alcohol and how much alcohol is needed to produce those symptoms?

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It's hard to explain and rather weird.


A symptom I started having about four months ago (in addition to the others mentioned above) is the mucus inside my nose started to harden. It's hardened to the point that when I blow my nose, it's no longer snot that comes out but solid bits instead (boogers). I know that's gross but it's the best explanation I can provide. This seems to worsen when I drink alcohol, and as I drink, I can actually feel the inside of my nose start to harden. I also start to get itchy skin (not always but sometimes).


I'm ready to get on the path to healing. I am OVER some of these symptoms, as I'm sure we all are.



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