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What Are The Safest Gums(Used In Breads) To Look For?

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I noticed that the gums were added to my juice bars as well. Grrr. What are the gums that you find the safest for your baking and that you find in your gluten-free breads? I have to check all ingredients right now as I keep having issues. Thanks a bunch.

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Gums  really  are  not  healthy for us but , Some  of the new bakers of gluten-free  are  becoming  more  aware of  healthy  nutrition  &  are  starting  to  bake  without  gums, loads  of  sugar & tons  of  starches....so  it  is  moving in the  right  direction....xanthan gum  is  derived from  corn  so if  one  has a corn allergy  guar gum  would be a better  choice..

When  buying  gluten-free  products  look for ones  that have  the  least  amount  of ingredients as they are usually  a  wiser, healthier  choice....You  can find  whole 100 %  juice  bars  with  nothing  more......

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