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Anxiety Issues

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My 13 year old daughter was having a lot of stomach, back and joint pains, and migraines. She also started soon after to have panic attacks and anxiety. They did blood work and we were told that her blood tests came back positive for celiac. That seemed to check a lot of boxes on what was going on with her - including the out of ordinary anxiety. With the health system here we can't get into a GI until the end of December - 6 months after finding this all out! I wanted to keep her eating some gluten but she was miserable and I couldn't keep making her eat something that was obviously hurting her. I am hoping that when I have an actual appt date I can get her to eat bread for a few weeks. Anyway, she's been off gluten for almost 3 months now and she's still anxious (almost worse despite seeing a psychologist) and still having stomach issues. The only thing that's better is her rash and slightly less number of headaches. When she did try wheat in July she felt awful and had diarrhea, so she says that while she still feels crappy she felt worse before.

If you had a child who had anxiety maybe caused by celiac how long did it take to get better?

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Most folks here take 1 to 3 years to heal from symptoms that include anxiety. I think three months of being gluten-free is too soon. Odds are you are still learning about hidden sources of gluten and cross contamination. Each time you get "glutened" it can set you back a few weeks!

Can the doctor officially diagnosis her based on her diet and her blood tests?

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