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Is Blood In Stool "normal"?

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If it is bright red it means that the blood is coming out, er, near the end - around the anus - and it is probably due to a hemorrhoid.  Hemi's can make an incredibly shocking amount of blood from red spots on toilet paper to turning toilet water red to bleeding through pants.  If the blood continues for a many days into weeks, it could need treatment.


Hemi's are not uncommon in celiacs. Years of constipation or diarrhea can easily result in those annoying things.


If the blood is older, blackish, and part of the stools, that means the bleeding is further into the intestine and could be more serious.  I would definitely see a doctor about that.


... Actually, if you have never had bleeding before, you should probably see a doctor about it.  Even take pictures of the...evidence in the toilet bowl or on the paper so your doctor knows exactly what your concern is.


Best wishes.

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Let your  doctor  be  your  guide... bleeding  is never  good  whether it  be  from  a  hemi   or  something  else.....some  are  nothing to worry about  other  bleeding  can be... Seek  medical  help until  you know for sure....

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Bleeding is never normal.  I started having blood and was soon diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  I find my colitis symptoms more or less disappeared when I started eating gluten-free (and returned when I ate gluten).  


I should also point out that red blood can come from just about anywhere in your colon.  Darker (black or so) blood usually indicates small intestine or stomach bleeding.  I have a lot of experience with hemorrhoids and anal fissures (whee, fun), and while it's true that those are bright red, they also (for me) presented in a slightly different way.  Blood from the colon was usually *in* the stool, or kind of threaded through it.  I also occasionally had what looked like slightly redder than usual menstrual clots (yay, oversharing!).  Hemorrhoids or fissures were more likely to A.) hurt and B.) drip into the toilet.  The fissures were especially bad, and sometimes the toilet would look like I'd dropped food coloring into it. 


Of course, bleeding can also be present with stuff like colon cancer, so you really want to get that s*** checked out (literally). 

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