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Wheat Glucose - I've Read It May Be Safe But It Is Difficult To Believe

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My gluten-free son was offered a Menthos candy the other day and after reading the label (he's good about that) we found that it had wheat glucose in it, so he declined.  I had never seen that as an ingredient before and although I assumed it was not safe for a celiac, I have found many websites stating that it is in fact safe for celiacs - as safe as distilled alcohols one site implied.


Anyone know anything about this?


I'm inclined to skip anything that says "wheat" on it. Who needs to risk a Menthos when there are many other foods (well, junk foods) that pose no risk, but I'm still curious about it.


As a p.s., I am now seeing some sites stating that wheat maltodextrin is also safe. I've never seen it in an item, but is it really? 


Sigh. I'm getting paranoid about gluten. I can't comfortably drink gin, scotch or rye anymore. It just stresses me out and makes the drink no fun - the opposite of relaxing.  :ph34r:  I'm not hearing voices yet though, I swear...

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Yes, to both. Glucose and maltodextrin are highly processed items. There is no detectable gluten in them, using the most sensitive tests, even when they are produced from wheat. The Canadian Celiac Association lists both as safe.

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