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Mental Issues On Gluten, Egg, Dairy, Corn, Nut & Caffeine Free Diet - Cured

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Hi I don't have celiac disease (though have always suspected that I have gluten intolerance nonetheless) and though I'd share my story with you. As a child I always had problems with mood fluctuations and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a fourteen year old, which the psychiatrist I was seeing at the time attributed to cannabis usage (I can't say this wasn't partially the cause of it). Ten years later, I'm 24 now and have been on a cocktail of medicines, antidepressants, mood stabilizers & antipsychotics, if you can name four I've probably taken two of them at one point or another. About 9 months ago I found out (through an unfortunate and unintentional case of trial and error) that I had ane extreme egg white allergy. One day I bought a one kilogram pack of egg whites, thinking that they seemed to be a healthy high protein food and decided to cook them and apportion them to 7 meals (a weeks worth) (I'm not a dieting athlete or anything, but I just thought, why not). After 2 or 3 days of eating them I felt a bit different but continued with my daily egg white meal, after about the 6th day is when I knew I wasn't right. It would take me 2-3 hours to just wake up in the morning (physically I was fine, but mentally I had not motivation to do anything), I would sit in bed all day, sometimes staring at the wall for hours on end, leaving my room only for cigarettes (fyi I've quit them now and caffeine and feel great). What I was experiencing was pretty much exactly what a psychologist would describe as catatonic schizophrenia. I knew the egg whites had messed up my brain. On top of not moving for hours on end I saw faces in the wall and stuff (for example certain grooves or scratches in the paint work would appear as faces to me). Luckily for me at the time there were no assignments due at uni as it was the quiet post-mid semester time. It took me three weeks (yes, three whole weeks) to pick up the motivation to start showering again and actively participating in my university studies. Note that I have developed a hypothesis after this episode that toxic proteins (toxic to me at least) such as egg whites, and gluten generally follow a 21 days rule and after that mark is when you will notice the maximum benefit of excluding them from your diet.


I knew I still wasn't right though. Even without egg whites I would get bloated and lethargic every time I ate wheat/gluten and tmi whenever I consumed milk I would get really bad flatulence. Also, I had really bad ADHD (couldn't read a news article from start to finish to save my life), I also felt really antisocial (hated leaving the house, didn't like the idea of socializing, was kind of scared to a degree of the thought of going outside and interacting with and being around other people. I also read that corn protein (zein) is also bad for the brain from multiple perspectives so I decided to remove that from my diet too, as well as nuts, which although not damaging mentally in my opinion, do have the potential to wreak havoc on the body from a physical aspect from what I've read. So, this is my third day free from all of those things (note its about the three week mark for caffeine) and a wave of energy came over me today that I've never felt before, something that seemed so strange. This afternoon I was reading news articles on the internet, catching up on university work and cruising Yahoo Answers and lo and behold I completely got lost in the text and the next time I looked up three hours had passed. I have heard people say that that's what happens when they take prescription amphetamines for ADHD, well it happened to me to, and I don't take them, all I did was remove these things from my diet. You might call it a placebo but I know it's not, I know something different is happening in my brain, something I've never felt before. I can assure you that there's now way I could have typed this entire post in one sitting as I have now if I was still consuming these toxic foods. It's not just my concentration that's improved though, I've noticed that I can analyse things from more numerous angles now, for example before when I was eating gluten and all that I might of said to myself 'it either is or it isn't', but now I could see a situation like 'it could be this, it could be that, it could a million and one other possibilities at play', and I can list all these scenarios in my head, it's as if my analytical skills, and yes I'll say it, I.Q., have increased just like that. On top of the concentration side of things I've noticed that I want to get out of the house now, I want to go into the city and onto my uni campus like I used to to study, and not do it online all day. I just feel really damn good, I'm not trying to spew sunshine and make other people who are in a more unfortunate situation right now feel worse about it, but I just thought I'd post this up anyway. If you're a 'lurker' who just reading this, considering nixing gluten, I'd say, nix eggs, dairy, corn, nuts and caffeine too, this is how humans are truly meant to feel. I'm happy to answer any questions though I'm sure this is nothing most of you haven't heard before. 

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