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We Got The Bloodwork Done Today!

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Anyway, I'm so glad that I got things ruled out at least for the time being. Had I stayed with my old doctor, even getting tested once most likely would've never happened.


Now that I have this ruled out, I can use my energy on actual issues and focus on finding the real cause of things, rather than chasing rabbit trails. I'm so glad that my doctor was cool with checking thyroid and b-12 too. This new doctor is definitely a keeper! :)

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It is exceedingly rare to not have the genetics.  As BlessedMommy is very aware on these things, wouldn't retesting IF there were S&S even if the genetics would happened to not be there be more helpful than having to do gluten challenges every x number of years and risking her health as there have been issues with the challenge in the house?  

Sorry I wasn't more clear in my post. It was very early in my day. 

I was referring to the children. In BlessedMommy's case any form of a challenge is of course out of the question. Her reactions are too severe. 

I think her plan to let the kids have gluten out of the house and test if symptoms develop is a good one. 

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I saw the doctor today and looked over the test results. The negatives were very clear negatives. So thankful! :) For example, a 20 on the Ttg is considered positive and she scored a 6. I was hoping for clear answers and these were very clear. 


The doctor said that the variations on the CBC were normal and could be caused by mild dehydration. My daughter also had the antinuclear antibody test, which not surprisingly, reflected the fact that she has an AI disease. 


I'm thankful that she is out of limboland. Thanks to all who encouraged me and helped me through this. I have no doubt that I wouldn't have had the courage to start her gluten challenge or even pursue the tests, because of fear. You all gave me the moral support to do what I needed to do. 

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