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Mucus Problems And Exercise

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Okay yes gross stuff.


I'm a recovering celiac. Nearly three years now. Still suffering a touch.


Whenever I start exercising again for some reason I get that 'need to go' feeling but not completely, then I know, the dreaded mucus stage is coming. Just mucus.


I don't like it! 


I've been okay stomach wise and been coping a lot better. 


I am under stress at the moment but I deal with stress fairly well. 


I started doing exercise and voila it appears again.


Anyone else have this problem or could just help shed some light on this awkward situation?



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What type of exercise do you do? If it is running, I would say try walking for a while instead, and above all, try to stay close to home or a bathroom until you work through this. You may also want to try digestive enzymes/supplements like Celiact, which helped me.

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I agree with admin, when starting out to try and get more exercise in, I had issues, not good ones for sure. I also had the mucus issue and wound up tearing a couple leg muscles. Once back in the game I started to take things slow and found better results. Also if you smoke or recently quit mucus can be a real annoyance with that when working out, not trying to be preachy, but I know a few folks who had a similar issue when they quit.

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