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John Burlingame

Ok, Neosporin Has Soy In It, Anything Like That Without Soy?

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That might be a good idea, if I had money. Finding out I cant use band-aides, there being soy on the pads. Had a wonderful reaction to them. Ive had to go to the basics with my health. So far its been great, still need a good solution to my cuts, keeping them clean with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide has been challenging. Need a long term solution to keep the dirt out. Have reverted to medical stuff in the Asian ways of old medicine. making my own products seem the best rout to help keep processed soy out of my diet or blood stream. I have noticed certain types of foods make me feel real good during this cold, since I'm unable to use any cough syrup. eating garlic and other foods that help, seem to make me feel a hole lot better that actually using processed meds.

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Hey John, for bandaids, check out the cohesive wrap bandages at your drug store.  You can use that and some gauze.  I have them do that when I get blood drawn often, because the cheap bandaids tear my skin off.  If you don't want to drop the money on new products, any elasticized fabric will do- like old clothes, socks, pantyhose, and gauze over the wound.  Will at least keep the nasties out of it.

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