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What Has Changed?

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So I never used to worry about cross contamination since small amounts didn't bother me. but for the last few weeks I find myself grouchy and in a fog all the time at the smallest contamination

I understand that I am crossing somewhere and I have to learn to working around sharing a kitchen surface but my question is why does it matter now and not before?

I was told you are either celiac or you are not. I am not diagnosed celiac but am gluten sensitive.

So am I a celiac now? im confused

diagnosing is in the plans later on but right now I just don't have any desire or time for all the side effects at work. it really affects my behaviour in such a way it would affect my job

CANADA New Brunswick :)  Accidently saw the light. 


Continuously looking for no subsitute recipes


its not complicated! its just hard.

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Did you actually have celiac ruled out, via a negative test? Or did you go gluten free with no testing?


I suspect I could be celiac (have severe neurological symptoms from gluten) but can't get tested because there's no way I can tolerate a gluten challenge. Thus, I don't consider myself "not celiac," as much as I consider myself "not diagnosed, but definitely not touching the stuff." 


Gluten free since 2/14/2010 after suffering a rare and serious complication from my gluten challenge







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Those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) can have the same symptoms as a celiac except the autoimmune attack to the intestines and the dh rash.  NCGS can be just as nasty as celiac disease, and like celiac disease, our symptoms can change over time.  


I have celiac disease yet my reactions tend to build over time.  If I get cc'ed a few times in a month, I won't (or at least I didn't last time) notice a reaction the first time, but after being cc'ed a few times in a month, I felt poorly and I knew something was off. Perhaps you have just been glutened enough that the reactions are growing more noticeable?  Try tightening up your diet and see if it helps.


Best wishes.


"Acceptance is the key to happiness."

ITP - 1993

Celiac - June, 2012

Hypothyroid - August, 2012


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Its very important to get tested to rule out if you have Celiac or just gluten sensitivity. I would talk to your dr and see what they say about testing you, if they don't think they should, I would find a dr that would test you.  I really didn't want to do the endoscopy and colonoscopy, but since my blood test were highly positive my doctors really thought it was necessary to do and in the long run I am glad that i did, i was just recently diagnosed as having celiac but my moms test came back negative for celiac, so she is just gluten intolerant. She does get the some of the same symptoms that I do however hers aren't usually as severe as mine especially when it comes to the abdominal pain. 

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