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Very Discouraged!

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Zebra007, I know it's completely overwhelming right now. Each of us has been through that & it seems like your head is aswirl with all the rules. I PROMISE you it gets much, much easier! It will become second nature to you & really it won't take as long as you think. Just take a deep breath. One step at a time. I think we all start out right away trying to replace every single food we used to eat with a gluten-free version. Don't. You'll just get all tangled up in your spurs. We ate 90% whole foods for an entire year before we began branching out to other things and we did that slowly. So first we got used to just eating gluten free whole foods and then we began adding other things in. Only a few at the time. That way you don't put this huge pressure on yourself. Slow & easy does it. Breathe, just breathe. Simple foods hon. Pot Roast -- all whole foods, simple & easy & you can even make it in the crock pot. You could get hubs his own crock pot for the Fire House & send him off with everything raw for pot roast all fixed up in a tupperware container so he can just dump it in the crockpot when he gets to work. Progresso has some soups that are actually labeled gluten free. Read these links:





And here is a link regarding different companies that make soups & which ones have gluten-free offerings.


The date on that is 2012 so don't forget to read labels.


And how about this? Frontier makes 28 soup mixes that are gluten free!!!! 



Don't forget you can always make him some chili to take in a thermos or a container & nuke it. Easy peasy. In fact i don't use a chili mix anymore. We like black bean chili so I just chop onions, brown ground meat, add some canned tomatoes, black beans and chili powder to taste. Great with rice! For that matter, chili on a baked potato. The whole family can eat these things for lunch or dinner. 


All Bush's beans & products are gluten free:


Have a look. What a variety!



Bob's Red Mill Cornbread mix is really decent and makes a great compliment to soups, stews, chili & beans. 

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Oh sorry! You aren't the OP who has the hubs who works at the fire house. Oh well, same things apply.

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On 1/26/2015 at 9:42 AM, Zebra007 said:

pipermarau, Good advice, but you mentioned pets, could you explain further what you meant, because it sounded like you meant get rid of them? could you elaborate on that, as for many people pets are very very important, and that would not be an option.

sorry i did not see this until a year later.  i changed all my cat food to gluten free products.  right now i'm using a dry food made by Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost.  it has both dry food and freeze dried meat.  since my cats lick my face i had to make the switch.  i did not mean to remove your pets from your home.  they are loved ones and they can be eased into the diet if you have not already tried.  the wet food for my other cat is easier to find gluten free but it is expensive.

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