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Increasing Sensitivites To New Foods Since Being gluten-free?

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So, I first experiementally went gluten-free about a year ago, for absolutely no reason other than curiousity. In doing so, I realized that gluten was the sole cause of my life long struggle with depression/anxiety. My depression/anxiety/chronic fatigue was totally eliminated from my life the longer I remained gluten free, and was only an issue when I got exposed to gluten. After a lot of research, I became pretty confident that  I was celiac based on how my body was changing (gaining weight, having satiety signals to tell me im full now etc) and how I was reacting more and more violently to exposures as time went on. Well, I've been really strict about being gluten-free for about 7 months now. My body chemistry has changed a lot since then and it seems like the longer I am gluten free, though I do feel progressively better, it seems like I have become so sensitive to other things now that I never thought bothered me. It has gotten to the point that these other things now prompt the same glutened symptoms of anxiety/restlessness/aggressiveness. So far I've identified foods like dairy (no surprise there), anything with MSG, and fermented foods (kombucha/yogurt/probiotics). Ive identified all of those things as containing lactic acid/lactate and having some link to glutamate excitotoxicity which I think is the culprit behind my physical effects. But anyho, it is getting really frustrating that things that seem unavoidable to eat are making me more and more sick over time. Does anyone have experience with this? Will my body level out eventually once it's further in the healing process? I feel like my gut is making big repairs and changing drastically, and the new bombardment of nutritional absorption is just a bit of shock to my system. Does anyone know if this will calm down? It's kind of ridiculous that even eating an organic soy yogurt(because of the probiotics/lactic acid?) is giving me crippling anxiety the next day.

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