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Cross Reactive Foods

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What do people know about cross reactive foods?    Do all the cross reactives on the list mean I can't eat them or is it based more on my individual needs.....I have orthorexia and limiting all this food aggravates my eating disorder and makes life unmanageable.   Here's the list of cross reactives that might be giving symptoms


• Amaranth
• Buckwheat
• Chocolate
• Coffee
• Corn
• Dairy ie Milk and Cheese (Alpha-Casein, Beta-Casein, Casomorphin, Butyrophilin, Whey Protein)
• Egg
• Hemp
• Millet
• Oats
• Polish wheat
• Potato
• Rice
• Sesame
• Sorghum
• Soy
• Tapioca
• Teff
• Yeast

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No need to worry.  With Celiac disease, there is no such thing as "cross-reactive".  





What’s with all the talk about certain types of food causing “cross-reactivity?”

There is not yet reliable data about cross-reactivity. As for the alleged possibility that many gluten-free foods or drinks (such as coffee, milk, orange juice, etc.) would trigger symptoms in celiac individuals due to hidden antigens mimicking gluten or cross-reacting with anti-gluten antibodies, it must be clearly stated that this is all false information, devoid of any scientific basis, and must be rejected as untrue.




Edit to add - I don't know what "polish wheat" is - if its a form of wheat - Celiacs should not eat it.  



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This is a nice write up of the session I attended at The International Celiac Disease Symposium (but was too lazy to write myself LOL).








"....But what about all the cross-reactivity with gluten I’ve been reading about on the interwebs? Luckily, 86% of the conference said no, because the answer is no. IT IS A MYTH. STOP SPREADING THIS CRAP!!!! Drink your coffee, again, there is no scientifically validated research on cross-reactivity....."


Ok.... I know there is a better write up, but I can't find it right now.   :D But I heard it from the experts, too.



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Yep. No cross reactivity.  None of those foods will cause and autoimmune celiac reaction, well, except the wheat.  ;)  That's not to say that some people do not have intolerances to some of those foods.  A food sensitivity can make you feel awful, but it's not a celiac disease reaction.


Best wishes.  


"Acceptance is the key to happiness."

ITP - 1993

Celiac - June, 2012

Hypothyroid - August, 2012


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