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My Celiac Disease Is Causing Stressful Family Conflict

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After five years, the only thing I have learned is trust no one. Really, unless they are in the exact same diet regiment as you, they will screw up. The best advice I can give is just worry about yourself, and as sad as it sounds, give up on others trying to help you, and give up on trying to change others unless they are like your mom, and really on board for the full shift. This is because you are functioning on your own survival and well-being, and someone else's survival and well-being is more important to themselves, than your well-being is to them. They don't have a real care in whether or not you get sick, they might feel bad for a bit, but you will feel bad for days, and they will forget about it quickly to focus on their own needs, as there is nothing that can be done to fix a food allergy reaction, so you are stuck suffering, while they go about their lives normally.


I am sorry about the conflict, it has caused me a lot of pain and struggle in my family as well, and I've only learned to give up on people, and develop a steel resolve to leave any situation that doesn't feel safe to me.

I have learned my lesson too many times the hard way, people will forget about your disease in order to be more socially acceptable and 'go with the flow'.


I have parents that have been struggling for YEARS to try to get it right, but my mom's obese and has too much attachment to food to give up gluten, so even though I try as hard as I can I still usually get sick everytime I visit from their unclean snacking habits. Flour based food just gets everywhere.

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