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Horsefeed Containing Gluten

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The issue of feeding horses, in my case twice daily, with a gluten containing feed came up on a previous thread, and several suggested that I start a new topic.

The two biggest issues I see are breathing the dust and getting it on my clothes where it can be transported back home to further contaminate anything it might settle on.

I'm going to wear gloves and change my cavalier attitude, possibly wear a mask. This post is meant to both alert others feeding large animals (and small animals with dry food for that matter) and see if anyone else has been there and has tips.

Thanks again.

Celiac Disease, diagnosed April 1, 2015

Migraines, Esophagitis/Gastritis, Lower Digestive Issues, Osteoporosis, Anxiety, Arthritis, etc--some improving.

DQ2.2 and DQ2.5 trans

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