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gluten-free Oat Flour Versus Rice Flour

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I was just wondering if anyone had experience regarding baking with oat flour as compared to rice flour? 


We have an a small company here in my town called Gluten Free Harvest which is a dedicated gluten free oat processing plant.  They started the plant because their daughter has Celiac disease and saw the need for a dedicated oat processing plant with non cross contaminated oats.


I purchased a bag of it and found it has directions for creating a gluten effect, gluten free flour with a mixture of oat flour, tapioca flour, potato starch and xanthan gum.  I have not tired it yet but want to do some baking this week.


I haven't been impressed with most rice flour baked items and was just wondering if oat flour would make that big of a difference.  Has anyone tried baking with oat flour before and now did it turn out? . 

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