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After that recent discovery (by Green) that some probiotics contain gluten, even when claiming to be gluten-free, I was wondering if anyone had found the "safe" list or contaminated list of probiotics?  I keep seeing that a good chunk of them have gluten but I never see WHICH probiotics to avoid.  :rolleyes:


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I haven't seen it, but I contacted the manufacturer of Florajen 3, as it's the one I use. Here's their statement:

The FDA states “gluten free” is less than 20ppm.

All Florajen probiotics test at less than 5ppm.

Florajen probiotics are “gluten free.”


Judy Myhre

American Lifeline, Inc.

Makers of Florajen

So I'm continuing on with them.

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I e-mailed Udo's Choice about their Flora probiotic a while back. They label some of their probiotics gluten-free, and according to the response I got, they all are gluten-free:


Thank you for the question.
Yes, all the Udo's Choice line of probiotics are gluten free!
They are not all certified nor do we consistently mark them so.
Have a nice day,




Thank you for clarifying.

Yes, I am aware that celiac disease can unfortunately make people sensitive to even the most miniscule particles.

In fact, my sister is has celiac disease.


To answer your question in a word, no.

No there is not risk of contamination.


We are a GMP facility – we follow Good Manufacturing Processes in order to assure NO cross contamination between products passing through.

We get third party inspected without notice multiple times every year by various parties.

Our testing verifies that these products are gluten free by the definition for certain European standards.


I actually work onsite at the same place where we bottle the product and have toured our facilities.

I see the bottlers at work through a glass wall on my way to the lunchroom every day.

They never have gluten containing materials where they make gluten free products and the workers and processes are so meticulous I imagine they wouldn’t leave residue even if they did.


I hope that helps.



And for what it's worth, I've never noticed any problem with them.

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