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Candida Relief. Capsaicin (Hot Peppers)

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Discovered this on accident. 



I have been putting cayenne pepper in my coffee, on foods that are maybe contaminated with gluten. It has worked wonders on my candida, works a lot better than coconut oil. Haberno's work the best, for me, 1 haberno compares to a tab of diflucan. The hotter the pepper, the more candida it will kill! I have been ingesting a lot of cayenne for the past couple months and many intolerance have gone away. When I get dominos gluten-free pizza, I load it up with cayenne and it works wonders on the digestive system, like a probiotic. Cayenne is weak so it takes a lot, about half tablespoon to work for me. However, I went as far as to make my own haberno hot sauce from an online recipe. Been putting that in my morning coffee, I also like to digest hot peppers in some form or another for two meals a day.


I'd like to hear some follow ups on other people's results from. Its been a life saver for me. I call it "peppering" because its the capaicin is actually an herb more than a spice.




Oh- by the way. many people think hot peppers upset the digestive system, this is a misconception but it is quite the opposite! 

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