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Hello. I write this as a rant, i'd not felt this bad in a long time! 


I was glutened 2 times in the past week, the 2nd time gave me the worst symptoms. I consider the ataxia symptoms as a kind of torture! I get panick attacks. I realized I had been glutened before yesterday ( I think) , had a little stomach ache, acid reflux, a bit swollen.. nothing that bad for me, the bad symptoms started this morning, I woke up extremely tired, in a horrible mood and later I started having symptoms of my worst enemy, the panick attack: I woke up an hour ago (at 2:30 am) really dizzy, feeling like I was drunk and now I really can't sleep because of this panick thing I can't control! I'm really sleepy but I just can't relax. Ahhhh I hate this! 


This is what happens when I relax and forget I'm really not a normal person! I'm also sad.. maybe it's caused by gluten too, who knows.. I'm sad because I want to become a flight attendant,but if i get this crazy with a bit of gluten, I don't know if I'll be able then. Do you guys know any flight attendant with celiac/ gluten sensitivity? I guess this is one of my bad days :( or nights..

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I just read gluten ataxia seems to be something different than what i have! nevermind, just ignore the title xD

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I know exactly what you're going through.


the dizziness might be slight gluten ataxia (I get it mildly too), but anxiety and panic can definitely be a symptom. For me it hits a few days later: anxious, panicky, and depressed, and then more anxious and depressed because you feel like crud because of the anxiety and on it goes in a horrible spiral.... It sucks!


first thing's first: be as strict with your diet as you can possibly be. there's no reason you can't pursue your career dreams, but it will require a lot of planning, making sure you are able to make or access safe food, etc.


Getting gluten out of my life (and soy, which also sets off my anxiety) made my anxiety 85% better... I say that because it is possible that it's not just the gluten causing the anxiety and if it's really bad, you should talk to a professional psychologist/psychiatrist about it. Even if it's only gluten that sets it off, learning some skills to cope with the anxiety could be a huge help. (I'm going through cognitive behavioural therapy treatment right now, to help with this very problem. It's supposed to help retrain your brain and body not to freak out about the syptoms of panic. So far so good, even just breathing properly helps)


Anyway, breathe! The anxiety will pass. Celiac sucks. Getting glutened sucks, but it always feels worse and more insurmountable when you're in the thick of it. We're here for all your venting and advice-seeking needs

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