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Brand New To Gluten Intolerance

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Unfortunately, I've never been a healthy eater. I've always had occasional stomach problems according to the bad things I'd eat, but usually my stomach was okay and normal. Lately, though, I've had constant diarrhea, gas, and a rumbling stomach. It all started when my husband and I ate at Olive Garden (May 5th according to bank records)...we both felt pretty bad after that for a couple of days, but waited it out. He gradually got back to normal whereas I never did. Since then, no matter what I tried to eat, I always had some form of discomfort. I've finally gotten so fed up, and actually quite scared, and made an appointment with a doctor to figure out what the heck is going on. 


My Mom and I were talking about my symptoms and we first were thinking maybe I was lactose intolerant. I've always been a huge milk drinker and I LOVE ice cream. There were a few days where my husband and I ran out of milk, and didn't get more until a few days later. I seemed somewhat okay those few days, and when we finally got more milk, I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and my stomach didn't react well AT ALL. So after that bowl of cereal, I've been avoiding dairy. But even after this, I'm still experiencing stomach issues. 


Now my Mom and I (I talk to my Mom every day lol) are now thinking that I may have a gluten intolerance. I believe my paternal Grandmother has a gluten intolerance. I never did ask her more about her experience with this, but I think I will now, especially since I've noticed in my research that it could be genetic also. 


My theory to my sudden change is that I've basically always eaten poorly, and even though I might not have had this intolerance before now...my stomach has been through so much with the not-so-good food I eat, that I've now developed this intolerance. 


I'm not sure if the symptoms can come and go literally by what you eat and change as quickly as what you eat...but yesterday my husband and I went to Trader Joes and got some gluten free food. Throughout the day I had a granola bar for breakfast, caesar salad for lunch, and then we went to the store and I came home and had a gluten free hot dog with gluten free bread and a small glass of lactose free milk. I actually hadn't experienced a bowel movement at all yesterday, but considering all the diarrhea I'd been enduring lately, I was ok with that lol. So basically I was fine all day yesterday until friends called my husband and I to go out to eat. I had only a few pieces of pizza and a small scoop of gelato. I of course expected that would give me tummy issues this morning, and it did. To me, yesterday seemed like a direct correlation of eating gluten free and feeling fine, and then venturing out and having an upset stomach again. I'll reiterate again, I'm not sure if the gluten intolerance can act that selectively and if you can, in the span of a few meals, see the direct results of eating gluten free and having food with gluten...but if that's a possibility, then I'm pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance.


I have my doctor's appointment on Thursday and I'm hoping that I can get them to maybe do the blood test to see what those results would say.


I'd love ANY feedback from anyone who is well-versed in this and who has had any similar experiences as mine. Thanks in advance!!

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Please go to the University of Chicago's celiac website to get currnet information about celiac disease. You HAVE to be consuming gluten or blood tests will be invalid. So, do not go gluten free yet! I know you went to TJ's and bought some gluten-free stuff, but set it aside in case the doctor wants to test you for celiac disease.

Best wishes!

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