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Could It Possibly Be Dh?

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I've been struggling with a reoccurring rash the past several months now and can't seem to find the answer to what's causing it.  I've seen multiple doctors, including a GI specialist, a dermatologist, and an allergist and no one has been able to help me.


I had the celiac blood panel done by the GI doctor but he said it came back negative.  He also did a SIBO breath test which didn't give me any results either.  


The dermatologist initially thought it was my eczema flaring up badly but when the rash started to look more like hives she did a regular biopsy which I did not realize can't tell you if you have DH or not.  I was sent to an allergist from there and nothing came up on the environmental/food allergy panel so he ordered a TON of blood work because he's convinced I'm having an allergic reaction to something.


The lesions I had on my arm and back (which originally sent me to all these doctors) are pretty much healed now but I woke up this weekend with a super itchy/blistery lesion on my ankle and I'm pretty upset the rash is back.  The itching is non stop and it's constantly throbbing, swollen, and if I do itch it, it burns slightly.  Although it was hard to make out any blisters on the rash that came up on my arm/back a month or so ago, I can clearly see blisters on this lesion on my ankle and I just don't know what to think anymore.


Does this sound like DH?  I feel like all the spots my rash has come up are not characteristic of DH and all the doctors I've seen have been pretty skeptical/don't care whenever I ask if it could be gluten causing the issues.  The GI specialist was the meanest by far.


I've attached a few photos but idk if it will help or not.  Just thought I'd make a post and get some of your helpful feedback.  Thank you.







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Your story sounds very much like ours. My daughter had what appeared to be hives for six months prior to her Celiac diagnosis. She was diagnosed in February and although she has not eaten gluten since, the rash now appears as blisters which looks similar to yours and are located on her arms and lower legs.

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