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John Burlingame

Well, I Now Know The Sheetrock I Puchased Today Contains Soy

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I assumed I got contaminated food at a store I had eaten at before. I may be wrong. It usually hits me in 30 mins. After I consume it. I was at a Lowe's buying some products. loaded two sheets of Sheetrock and 10 mins later had a panic attack in the store, it was un-nerving at best, I blamed the food but it happen 3 hours later. I had another reaction when installing it in my ceiling today. Wow, never had a soy reaction to Sheetrock. Must be new additive to how they process it now. Or the fact it was the first time installing it above my head. Maybe I inhaled it. No idea, but I know one thing for sure working with the Sheetrock is giving those bad symptoms when soy is introduced to my body's system. Brain fog,Short term memory loss, panic attacks and dizzy spells. Hitting you at once sucks.

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Detox from fast-Food is not fun

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