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Gluten Free In Montana

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i know you probably already went, but for future folks looking to eat in Bozeman. Here is a preliminary list but some of these may be cut out or added to depending on how easily you react. The 1,2 and 3 should be safe for anyone if you talk with the staff provided you aren't borderline refractory.

1. Whistle Pig Korean. Yes, go!

2. Sweet Chili Asian Bistro (Thai). Very good and the chefs are willing to work with you.

3. Five on Black (Brazilian). All food except for one chili Oil on the wall is gluten-free

3. Wendy's (the one on 19th, not the one on main.)

4. Taco del Mar (depends on who is working)

5. Makenzie River Pizza. They work hard to avoid CC

6. Nova Cafe, decent breakfast but I have been contaminated here once

7. Co-op. They do baked goods and have gluten-free bacon, baked goods are not in a dedicated facility but they work hard to eliminate the possibility of contamination. Go to the one on between 10th and 11th on main ( both stores are on main). The larger one has a great coffee shop upstairs that is perfect for some won't with celiac disease. This is the only coffee in town that I trust.

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